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Made of Thunder, Made of Glass II
Continuing Traditions in Northeastern Indian Beadwork

May 30 – November 1, 2015

Intricate, colorful, and symbolic, beadwork is a traditional form of Native artistic expression.  In this exhibition, over 250 extraordinary examples of contemporary and historic Native American beadwork made in the Northeast between 1800 and 2015 are accompanied by compelling portraits of the beadwork artisans by Gerry Biron.  On view at Memorial Hall Museum, Deerfield, MA.


Robert Strong Woodward: Artist For All Seasons
September 5 – November 1, 2015

Robert Strong Woodward, Mrs. Keach's Front Porch, 1933. Private Collection

Robert Strong Woodward, Mrs. Keach’s Front Porch, 1933. Private Collection

The realist paintings of Robert Strong Woodward (1885-1957) are marked by strong lines, beguiling compositions, and pragmatic colors. Featuring landscapes and scenes of rural Buckland, Massachusetts, dating to the 1930s, this special exhibition celebrates New England regionalism.  Organized by the Friends of Robert Strong Woodward, on view at Memorial Hall Museum, Deerfield.


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JerryCelebrating Deerfield and its environs’ agrarian past, Memorial Hall Museum’s Main Hall has undergone a transformation. You can check out the Main Hall changes  and last season’s new installation, Tools, Trades and Tasks: All Work and No Play? on PVMA’s facebook page or here.

Skilled Hands and High Ideals exhibit, Poetry to the Earth publication, and The Arts & Crafts Moment  in Deerfield website, see details below. Read what others have to say: NY Times, The Recorder article by Don Stewart.

EXHIBITION: Skilled Hands and High Ideals: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield, at Memorial Hall Museum, open to the public May 1st to October 31st. Learn more about the exhibit here.

PUBLICATION: Poetry to the Earth: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield, written by Curator of Memorial Hall Museum Suzanne L. Flynt, chronicles the extraordinary story of how Arts and Crafts transformed this western Massachusetts farming village into a leading crafts center. Learn more about the book and its 345 images here.

WEBSITE: “Meet” the artists, hear their words, and see the objects they created at our new website, The Arts & Crafts Moment in Deerfield.



Founded in Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1870 as the first historical society in
Western Massachusetts, today the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association is a vibrant regional organization, supporting the Memorial Hall Museum and Library, Deerfield Teachers’ Center, Indian House Children’s Museum, and Community Outreach projects. Click the links on the sidebar to the right for information about each aspect of PVMA or click here for directions.