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“When I was thinking of my will, I realized that PVMA was the best option.”
-Beth Gilgun (1952 – 2021), in 2015

Beth served as "Kitchen Wench" at many events.Beth at a historical reenactment at the Fortress of Louisburg on Cape Breton in Canada.

Beth Gilgun first became interested in PVMA in the 1980s when she made the costumes for The Crucible production, a collaboration with PVMA and Ann Christern’s Theatre 81. Over time she had many roles in PVMA and served as Historian-in-Residence for the Deerfield Teachers’ Center.

The Beth Gilgun Memorial Gallery

The Beth Gilgun Memorial Gallery

Beth was a recognized expert on 18th century clothing and jewelry, a valued employee of PVMA for 18 years, as well as a volunteer, member, and generous donor.  The PVMA Council voted to rename the costume gallery in Memorial Hall Museum to the Beth Gilgun Memorial Gallery to recognize her contributions in those areas.

Beth said in 2015:

“My hope for the future is to have more research for the African American Project to flesh out the history of the Upper Connecticut River Valley.”

“When I was thinking of my will, I realized that PVMA was the best option as my sister and brother are older and well situated and do not need an inheritance.”

Items from an 18th Century Kitchen

Items from an 18th Century Kitchen

“I know that the ongoing educational programs at PVMA can be even better using my bequest to bring history to children throughout Western Massachusetts and the nation.”

Her favorite exhibit in Memorial Hall was the quintessential exhibit – the 18th Century kitchen displayed on the main floor.

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