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 Ensign John Sheldon House, 1699 “Old Indian House” Painted by George Washington Mark, 1848

Ensign John Sheldon House, 1699 “Old Indian House” Painted by George Washington Mark, 1848

You are cordially invited to join the

1704 Legacy Society

at the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, a non-profit corporation of responsible and caring citizens who have remembered PVMA in their estate plans.

Understanding the past creates better citizens and a better world.

The Mission of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

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PVMA preserves and communicates the multi-cultural history of the Connecticut and Deerfield River Valleys of Western Massachusetts. The museum collects and exhibits cultural artifacts made and/or used in the region and interprets them in a national context. These collections, spanning 12,000 years of history, are maintained for the education of the general public and as research tools for scholars. PVMA began collecting donated items and opened Memorial Hall and Library in 1880 dedicated using Lincoln’s famous words “of the people, by the people, for the people.”


Planned gifts are vital in making sure our beloved PVMA, Memorial Hall Museum, and Indian House Children’s Museum (a replica of the 1699 Sheldon House) will be present for the children and grandchildren of the next generations to enjoy. History matters.

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association


Many of our members, donors, and friends have provided a legacy of hope in their estate plans for the continuation of the PVMA. Often, we do not learn of the bequest by will until the individual has passed on. We would like to thank and recognize such individuals NOW for their lasting generosity and long-term commitment.


The name of the 1704 Legacy Society was chosen from the February 29, 1704 Attack on Deerfield. It is central to PVMA’s identity. It is an important story we tell from multiple cultural perspectives. As a Legacy member, you will lead the way for others in keeping PVMA’s future alive!

Arosen's Gifts

Arosen’s Gifts, c 1700-1750, Tobacco bag, red slate gorget, bullet or shot pouch, and a finger-woven sash. Native gifts given to Reverend Stephen Williams of Longmeadow, MA, by Arosen, Eunice (Williams) Kanenstenhawi’s husband. Eunice and her brother Stephen had both been captives of the 1704 raid on Deerfield, MA, but Eunice elected to remain with her Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) family at Kahnawake in Canada. The gifts were given to the Reverend during visits that Eunice and Arosen made to New England from Canada.

PVMA provides services in eight areas:

  • Museums
  • Education Programs
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • On-line Programs
  • Cultural & Living History Events
  • Historic Preservation
  • Publishing
  • Research Library

Your bequest will ensure the continuity of these important programs.

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HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER OF THE 1704 LEGACY SOCIETY? Simply click the link below and compete the form. Details of your bequest will be confidential unless permission is granted by you to make it public.


I hereby give to Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association:

❖ (5-10-20%) of my estate… or

❖ the sum of ($5,000, $10,000, etc.) … or

❖ the residue of my estate…

*Please consult your attorney.


➢  Percent or fraction of your estate

➢  Specific dollar amount

➢  Residuary Beneficiary (after your loved ones have been provided for, you may choose to designate some or all of the remainder of your estate to PVMA)

➢  Contingent Beneficiary (should your beneficiaries be unable to inherit, PVMA can be named a contingent beneficiary)

➢  Beneficiary or Contingent Beneficiary (on your life insurance, IRA, or other contractual asset)

Candid Gold Transparency 2022

Your donations are used with great care to support our programs. PVMA received a gold rating on Candid (GuideStar). Less than five percent of non-profits registered with Candid are recognized with a Gold Seal. A Gold Seal status is the leading symbol of non-profit transparency and accountability.
PVMA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Old Indian House Door

“Old Indian House Door, 1699” preserved at Memorial Hall Museum

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Contact: Timothy Neumann 413-774-7476, ext. 100 or

10 Memorial Street P.O. Box 428 Deerfield, MA 01342-0428

Click here for a form you can print out, complete and mail.