Early Dolls

dolls for puzzleThese dolls were once new, beloved by their owners. Now they are old and worn, but still beloved—by us! You can learn more about each of them at our American Centuries website, from left to right: Cornhusk doll, 1800-1825; Bangwell Putt, 1765-1775; Cloth doll, 1810-1815. Believed to be the oldest existing rag doll in America, you can see Bangwell Putt, resting comfortably, in the Children’s Room at Memorial Hall Museum from May through October. The Cloth doll is also currently on exhibit.

To assemble the e-puzzle click here or on the image below. For an easier or harder version of the puzzle, you can change the number of pieces. Return to the Collection Highlights page to access more puzzles.

dolls puzzle